When did you last write a thank you note?


Hands up if you can remember learning to hand write at school? I can, I actually use to really enjoy it, line after line of capital letters, lowercase and then finally stringing some words together.  I’m sure this will still be taught in our classrooms of today but let's be honest - we live in a world where it’s easier to text, ignore phone calls and catch up with friends via our social networks. We don’t pick up the phone as often for a good chat, we don’t write letters or have pen pals like we used to which begs the question; how are we really expressing our gratitude these days?

Expressing your gratitude in writing is always a good idea even if it does seem a little old school in today’s world. Writing a thank you note is the right thing to do even if your ‘text’ fingers might be telling you otherwise. Margaret Shepherd in The Art of the Handwritten Note,  says to express gratitude properly requires a little effort. “Your thank-you note should recapture the smile, handshake or hug you would give the giver in person’’.  I like her thinking.


So when should a thank you note be written and how do you write a good one? In a perfect world: anytime someone does something extraordinary that warms your heart and makes you smile.  Hopefully this would mean you are super busy writing notes but here is a list identifying a few obvious times and what should go into the note to get you started:

  1. When you receive a gift - especially if it’s a Gratitude Gift Box!

  2. When someone goes above and beyond what is asked of them, whether at work or in a friendship

  3. When someone throws a party or event for you - think hens party, baby shower, birthday party, stag do - yep fellas, this isn’t just a chick thing

  4. When someone has you over for dinner especially if a big occasion like Christmas day - might seem a bit over the top but what a nice surprise for the host even if it’s your bestie

  5. Don’t take too long about sending the note either, the sooner the better and better late than never

  6. Use snail mail - always post it - getting a handwritten note in the letter box is a real buzz, makes a change from the bills or traffic fines!

  7. Invest in some nicely designed but not to fancy looking stationery, that way you always have something on hand and there is no excuse not to put pen to paper

  8. Personalise the note - be specific with what you say, mention the item or event you’re thanking them for and how it made you feel or how you are using it.

  9. Don’t exaggerate or ramble - be concise but generous and always sincere - remember you want to recapture the smile, handshake or hug you would give the giver in person!

It can be easy to dismiss all of this because you get too busy and think a quick text or email will do the trick...if we just all slowed down a notch and took an extra five minutes for ourselves and others, we would get to experience more ‘being thankful’ moments which is great thing for the soul!

image thanks to @foxandfallow - we'll have this boxed 'Thank You' set available in the coming weeks in a new gift box themed 'Take Note'.


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