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Acknowledgement is the key to engagement!

The number one cause for employee disengagement is feeling unappreciated.   So true! We have probably all been there!  A Harvard Business Review survey found that 40% of workers would put more effort in to their work IF their contribution was recognised more often and no matter whatever your business or workplace size, this rings true!

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When did you last write a thank you note?

Hands up if you can remember learning to hand write at school? I can, I actually use to really enjoy it, line after line of capital letters, lowercase and then finally stringing some words together.  I’m sure this will still be taught in our classrooms of today but let's be honest - we live in a world where it’s easier to text, ignore phone calls and catch up with friends via our social networks. We don’t pick up the phone as often for a good chat, we don’t write letters or have pen pals like we used to which begs the question; how are we really expressing our gratitude these days?e…

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