Being a Mum - lessons for my daughter.


This will be my second Mother’s Day and to tell the truth, its a day I never thought would be mine to celebrate even once. Of course I recognised and celebrated the day for my own Mum, but being a Mum myself was never in my plan...I guess you can never say never!

Being a Mum is the best thing I have ever done and every moment spent with my daughter is one I cherish. It’s only been for 19 months but I have quickly realised a Mum’s life is very much like that of a juggler in a circus - lots of balls in the air, the odd one crashing to the ground every now and again and sometimes applause from the crowd for the performance! I didn’t read any parenting books or google ‘how to take care of a baby’ pre baby, I haven’t done it post either - we’re sort of #8 wire/she’ll be right type parents.  Don’t get me wrong, we take our role as parents very seriously but we do it our way, what works for our own family and if that means applause is in the form of the giggle coming from my daughter each and every day and the big bear hug at night - then I’m good, standing ovation good!

Being a mum

My husband and I are constantly saying to each other that we wish Eden would be able to remember these early moments growing up: the following us to the loo to inspect what’s going on, the nudie runs around the house, the finger pointing dance routines, the repeating back of every word you say that makes no sense, the endless cuddles and kisses and the bringing to mummy a nappy & wipes when she knows she’s done #2’s. All moments I try to capture in her baby book, my phone and on the Facebook group I created for our family who is far and wide around the world - minus the ‘us on the loo’ updates!!  I want to make sure there is enough evidence of as many milestones and moments from her life that she is able to laugh and chuckle at herself with her own kids in the years to come.

Prior to Eden being born I wrote my husband an email, I won’t lie, it was sad and maybe a bit dramatic looking back but at the time I felt it was necessary.  It laid out my wishes for our daughter should something happen to me during the birth. The lessons about life I wanted him to teach her and the things about me I wanted him to make sure she learnt.  Thankfully nothing happened to me but I sent the email anyway...the words still bring tears to my eyes as they did when I wrote them some 19 months ago but still ring true today - here is a snippet, the very much abbreviated version:

  • Laugh out loud everyday
  • Be true to yourself

  • Be kind to others

  • Travel the world

  • Have an open mind

  • Listen to your father - especially about finances

  • Embrace your curiosity

  • Buy fresh flowers

  • Know that happiness is not measured by the things you own

  • Look after your skin

  • Be respectful of others 

  • Remember your manners

  • Time is precious

  • Be a mum

We’re all doing ‘BEING A MUM’ in our way but on Mother’s Day we can all do something the same - celebrate our kids and give yourself a round of applause.


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