Misty Day Plant Potion - recipe ideas


Moxie Three Toned Nice Cream

Moxie is such a great warming flavour combo and gives such a lovely colour and flavour to nice cream. It is great teamed with brandy snaps (old school) or to complement warming winter desserts like apple pie.

To make nice cream, literally all you do is pop frozen peeled bananas in the blender with enough liquid so it makes the consistency of soft serve.

For this cute little cup, I blended up 3 frozen bananas, then separated them into three cups – into one I added a teaspoon of moxie, into the other a teaspoon of rose powder and into the other hibiscus ( but you could use raspberry juice, grape juice, you name it)

To prepare, you just layer the flavours on top of one another and make sure you add some flowers or fruit on top!


Chilled Military Latte

I think its safe to say we all love a good cup of coffee from time to time and this blend of the wonders of Beauty Brew alongside cold brew coffee is pretty much my new favourite thing.

Thanks to the coffee and the organic Japanese matcha it will certainly wake you up and with 1.8 grams of marine collagen and the benefits of the nutritive tonic amla, will keep the skin looking fab!

To Prepare

Blend up a cup of coconut milk with a heaped teaspoon of beauty brew and sweeten to taste.

Brew up (or cheat like I did and buy) a cup of cold brew coffee.

Fill a cup with ice and then pour over the Beauty Brew blend to ¾ full. Then pour over the cold brew to fill.

For the minimal amount of time it takes to whip this up, it looks pretty cool. You could also top it with a scoop of coconut ice cream.


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