Rachel from Misty Day Plant Potions


I have had such a great response from so many of our suppliers who have taken the time to share their thoughts with us and answer these Meet the Maker questions.  You never quite know what to expect and Rachel from Misty Day Plant Potions doesn't disappoint - she loves horror films and is a podcast lover, you'll love how she came to pick her brand name!


Why doing what you do/motivation to start your business?

I have always loved herbs and herbal medicine and started training to be a naturopath way back in 2003! I ended up working for a large global company developing dietary supplements and I got super jaded about the way that the “health industry” was going. I wanted to bring back herbal medicine to its roots and develop products that embraced tradition, were easy to use and also appealed to my creative bones!

How did you decide on your brand/business name/any specific meaning behind it?

I would love to say that on a beautiful misty winter day, I came up with the name but in all honesty, I named the brand after my favourite horror character. She is a white witch, herbalist who lives in the swamp, makes potions and dresses like Stevie Nicks.   Did I mention I love horror films?

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Biggest lesson you’ve learnt in business?

Everything takes longer than you think.  Also, everything is more expensive than you think

Got a tip for the best way to use/consume your product?

They are just so versatile. I add them to everything - from smoothies, oats, baking, raw desserts - you name it. That said - I think my favourite way to use them is to just pop a teaspoon in the milk frother with some coconut mylk and a touch of stevia. I often add some extra ashwagandha powder to whatever brew I am drinking to get my stress and energy in check.  If you don’t have a milk frother - you can warm it all up together and then add to a blender to give it froth!  

What are some small things that make your day?

I think the one thing that makes my day, every day is seeing my smiling little girl ride her bike in the driveway after a day at school.  To be honest - I also love it when she rides off to school and I have a quiet moment with my brew of the day to regroup before my work day starts.

What takes up too much of your time?

Social media! I have been trying to implement all sorts of “no phones after … or before … “ but I still find myself looking at my phone if I need to get up to go to the toilet in the night!! I also spend a bit too much time daydreaming and procrastinating.

Favourite thing to do to relax/unwind?

I am a podcast fanatic. I love nothing more than going for a long walk around the neighbourhood to forage flowers for my photos while listening to a true crime podcast. I guess you could say I am an active relaxer.

What are you most grateful and thankful for in your life?

I am so grateful to have a strong and healthy body and a resilient, curious mind.  Of course, I am also extremely grateful for my beautiful, supportive family.

What TV show has you hooked at the moment

I’m not a huge TV watcher - I prefer podcasts- but I am eagerly awaiting the second series of The Handmaids Tale - that was brilliant.

If you could invite three famous people for cocktails and canapes - who would they be?

I think Elvis Presley would have to be there. Marilyn Monroe and maybe Graham Norton – he can keep the conversation rolling.  



I think I'd have Graham Norton on my invite list as well. You'll find the Beauty Brew in our Start Within gift box and the Moxie is coming in our Pretty in Pink box supporting the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. You might be wondering how to best use these brews so we asked Rachel to share a couple of ideas - you can check them out here


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