Is it ok to give your boss a gift at Christmas?


It’s highly unlikely you’ll find any gift giving etiquette guidelines that say it’s a requirement you give your boss a gift at Christmas. But as it’s the festive season, some of you could be considering whether its ok to give your boss a gift...if this is you then be sure to read these guidelines first.

#1: Group gift consideration - this will take the pressure off if on a tight budget and lets face it, who isn’t at Christmas!  Its also a great way to go if you are new to the team and don’t really know your boss well enough to pick out the right thing, chipping in makes a lot of sense.

#2: Aim to Please, not Impress - don’t go overboard and stay away from gifting personal items - keep it simple, sincere and inexpensive. Avoid at all costs applying unnecessary pressure on your boss to have to return the gesture with an expensive item because you went all out just to make a statement!


#3: Be Discreet - if you do decide to give a gift by yourself, deliver it privately without making a show in from of other team members or staff. Nobody likes a show off or someone trying to earn points - the only exception to this could be if you are personal friends outside of work with your boss.  In this instance give the gift to your boss outside of the office - in the weekend over coffee, a wine or beer might be more appropriate!

#4: Shhh - if you pull your bosses’ name in the office Secret Santa draw don’t panic, follow the rules of the game - don’t spend more than the limit, don’t go rude or too ‘gimicky’ and get something practical that fits the theme (if there is one)...never admit or fess up it was you & don’t tell anyone who you brought for - its supposed to be a secret after all.

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#5: Keep words to a minimum - some of us like to right novels never quite getting to the point or making it over and over again! Others can stumble with what they are trying to say and end up with something possibly inappropriate - add a tag to the gift and keep it simple, don’t use the word love or add kisses & hugs…

Appropriate gift ideas for your boss at Christmas:

  1. Food items - everyone has to eat right: Christmas Mince Pies, Scorched Almonds, Crackers, Relishes

  2. Something home made but not too personal: maybe a candle for the ladies and a

  3. A book - share a good read you think they might enjoy over the holidays

  4. A calendar or some stationery/diary - might sound a bit boring and not very 21st century but sometimes a digital device doesn’t always cut it

  5. A jig-saw puzzle or board game - always great to play with family and friends for a good time/to have a laugh

What other ideas do you have for ‘boss worthy’ gifts at Christmas?

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