The Do's and Don'ts of Regifting


With the festive season approaching it can be a time of over indulgence and not just when it comes to food. For whatever reason you could find yourself this Christmas with one or two gifts too many - you just don’t have a need for them so regifting could be an option.

Regifting doesn’t have to be done in a cheap way, by following a few simple do’s and don’ts, it can be done right simply and with class.

#1: Don’t regift in the same circle

This is a biggie so I’ll repeat it, do NOT regift to your family or circle of friends. Imagine just for a moment if you regifted a 30th birthday present from your bestie to another bestie. Is it really worth the drama of trying to quickly explain to Sarah why the gift she brought you is now in Gemma’s house? It’s just a very clear and simple rule - save yourself the embarrassment of a conversation that is so easily avoidable.

#2: Do use new wrap & bow

This should really go without saying but its here to remind you - take the time to rewrap the gift with new paper and a pretty ribbon bow. It’s not acceptable to try and selvage the wrapping paper the gift was in when you received it. Your secret will be well and truly out of the bag if you haven’t used new gift wrapping and even more so should any previous card still be included.

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

#3: Don’t regift something handmade

This is one of those times when its totally unacceptable AND not cool to regift. If someone has taken the time to make you something, they’ve put in a lot of thought and effort - accept it with a smile and learn to love it, even if its kept in a cupboard out of view and only bought out when the gift giver is over!

#4: Do match the gift with the recipient

Just because you may not have a want or need for a gift doesn’t mean it can’t be loved by someone else. Don’t just give the gift away to anyone, really think about who could it be gifted to and if that happens to be a year later so be it.

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#5: Do regift to a charity

If you’re not quite sure about who to regift something too then how about a charity like The Salvation Army, Kids Can or Women’s Refuge. A lot of charities will auction off donations to raise money so the gift will always be welcome and appreciated.

#6: Don’t sell unwanted gifts

It’s definitely not regifting etiquette to sell unloved/unwanted gifts on Trade Me for a few quick extra bucks…if this is crossing your mind, keep on walking!

Got any tips of your own when it comes to regifting - we’d love to hear them.

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