Check list to be Corporate Gifting ready!


Do you have a corporate gifting need and have no idea where to start? Is the sheer thought of it got you asking why me? Christmas is looming so let our top tips check list get you fully pumped and ready to brief us so we can help you shine with a gifting solution that will knock their socks off!

Check List:

  • What is your budget?

  • Who & how many are you buying for?

  • Is there a theme to meet?

  • How important are the packaging finishes?

  • When is delivery required by?

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#1: BUDGET Sounds pretty obvious but being 100% clear on what you have to spend is critical - including delivery costs. Gratitude can work to any budget and we know you’ll be keen to understand what you can get for your money? We like to show you the possibilities of what your budget will get you but understanding the full picture - like any mandatory requirements you might have - will make this easier, it often means working backwards from within your budget.

#2: AUDIENCE Our top gift giving tip is to remember its all about them, not you…knowing a bit more about who you’re buying for will also help steer tip #3 below. We like to tailor every proposal and gift box curation so you will want to consider things like: age, gender, job function, industry as thought starters about the people you are gifting. The quantity of gifts is important as well - for Gratitude to create a custom gift solution, the minimum quantity is 10 - anything less than this and your options of product are limited to any mix of all that feature in our pre-packed gift boxes available to view online. If you have 10+ gifts to create, this opens up a world of endless possibilities & ideas as we have a number of great suppliers and brands available to work with.

#3: THEME Gift giving is all about making the person receiving the gift feel something - what is it you want someone to feel? What is the gift giving reason? Is it for a job well done after some gruelling deadlines were met and a pampering pack will do the trick? Maybe it’s a celebration for winning a new client or a thank you to a team who organised a conference - whatever the reason and mood you are wanting to create, helping us to understand this means we can curate a truly handpicked and well thought out custom gift solution.

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#4: PACKAGING Do you want a slick & stylish wrap solution that says ‘with gratitude’? Do you want to incorporate any company brand colours with tissue/ribbon selection, should the box be black or white? We can custom pretty much anything and will inform you of those costs once we have more details. As a start point, the standard corporate Gratitude packing will apply: black box, ‘with gratitude’ white wrap, wood wool and copper tissue to line the inside of the gift box. Packaging matters - it makes an instant impression so getting the overall look created is a big consideration for every brief.

#5: DELIVERY Ensuring the lucky recipients get the gifts on time means we need to work backwards from that due date. The more time we have to create your custom solution the better. As a start though, we would allow up to 3 weeks from initial kick off briefing meeting to packaging up of the gift boxes ready for delivery. Depending on the exact products we pick for the gift boxes, lead times could vary from time of order so its nice to start a project as early as possible. Please also bare in mind, if we are sending to any rural addresses or if any are required to be sent overseas - we need to know right up front.

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