New to love & navigating gift buying this Valentine's Day?


A rose is just a rose, and a Valentine’s Day gift is just a Valentine’s Day gift, right? Maybe not. The day of love is almost here. For many couples, V-Day has its own special traditions and rituals. Some let it pass like any other day; others plan out a roster of romantic ramblings. You know who doesn’t? The people frantically Googling: ‘What to buy someone for your first Valentine’s Day’.

So much goes unspoken in those early days, and what you pick says volumes about where you see things going – especially if you haven’t had the ‘What are we?’ talk yet.

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Not all First Valentine’s-Day-ers are alike; the lucky ones met just after February 14th, and have it pretty easy. By a year, you have a good working knowledge of each other’s taste and gifting style. Dream band tickets, favourite pampering spot, the carbonara key to their heart… you’ve got this.

At the other end are the Early-February-ists (okay, not a thing, but we’re making it a thing). Poor souls. Questions circle like over-enthusiastic shop retailers: How much is too much? Is that shaving kit and engraved razor too full-on? Is a handful of one-dollar scratchies too frivolous? What if they hate gambling? Should we acknowledge the day at all?!

Well, navigating the heady ups and downs of new love is all part of the fun so don’t expect an easy answer. We may not be relationship experts, but we are gift experts, so here are our tips for surviving your first Valentine’s Day with relationship, nerves and bank balance intact:

1. You knew this was coming: a subscription date night. (Yes, we do one! Check it out here.) This is the perfect gift for your new lover. It says: I like like you and I want to see you more, but if it doesn’t work out, we can end it at any time (the subscription that is).

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2. A gift box. If a subscription is a bit too commitment-y for your blossoming love affair, try one of our gift boxes. Build your own with some culinary indulgences, because food is always welcome yet neutral gift-giving territory.

3. The home-cooked meal. Being cooked for is a pretty decent Valentine’s Day treat, whichever way you slice it. Tell them early February, and then you have two weeks to vibe out whether or not they’re building their expectations up for something flashy, or simply burgers and beer.

4. A 21st Century mixed tape. Pop into your music subscription service of choice and put together a playlist. Include a few slow, meaningful ones and they’ll melt.

5. A simple accessory. A sweet necklace, stylish hip flask, new belt, scarf, even socks says I’m into you and now I’m confident I know your style. (If you don’t feel confident, be sure to ask their friend/mum/flatmate for some advice before splurging.)

Good luck out there lovebirds, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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