Introducing you to my village


They say it can take a village to raise a baby so I wanted to introduce you to my village…my husband Craig - my clean freak cafe partner in crime, DIY lover, #1 cheerleader and daughter Eden -  the finger pointing raver who dances to any tune with the cheekiest grin and longest giggle that tugs at your heart constantly (so much like her mother already!).  Starting Gratitude has been for the benefit of our small village and with our extended neighbourhood in support, it's a journey that’s already proving to be the right decision.


I wanted to share with you just a little bit about who I am, the person who sits behind the insta page, who writes the blogs, sources the gift box product, thinks of the crazy collab and corporate partnership ideas and who drives her village crazy from time to time when asking for opinion or assistance with the gst returns...I hate numbers by the way.  So here are 5 things you don’t really need to know about me:

  1. My first car was a yellow mini which I crashed on road safe Taranaki day (I’m a good driver I promise)
  2. I dislike salmon with a passion
  3. I love salt n vinegar chips and a very cold glass of pinot gris - pretty simple things make me happy
  4. I wanted to be a DJ in an earlier life - my fantasy was to see my friends dancing to tunes I was creating
  5. I hide chocolate - not so much but up until a few years back it was bad.  It started when I was about 10, I would fill a plastic cup with chocolate chips and hide it under my bed - yuck!

Enough about me, let me talk more about my second baby...she has finally arrived - Gratitude (no middle name) , DOB 28/02/2018 (site live) and she is all about Gift Boxes.  She is stylish, modern, contemporary, spirited, fun and passionate.  I’m a pretty proud Mamma to have seen her develop to what she is today and I am excited to see how she grows and develops in the weeks/months/years to come.

A gift box by Gratitude is all about helping others show happiness and appreciation, to make someone’s day or recognise their contribution, to say congrats, happy birthday, love you, thank you, thinking of you.  We want to be able to help the time poor/gift buying challenged boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, boss, sister, bestie - you get the picture - purchase a gift box.  We take the stress out of the whole present buying process for you while at the same time making you shine in the eyes of the gift box recipient...this makes us very happy.

That’s it from me - have fun exploring the site, checking out the boxes - more will be added soon and don’t forget to sign up to our email and follow us @givesomegratitude and remember....throw kindness around like it’s confetti!

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