Three gift giving tips you must remember...


I loved the honesty being shown in a recent poll we did asking about gift giving.  86% of you agreed that most of the gifts you buy reflect your own tastes more than the person you are buying for.  Not a big surprise really, we often leave gift buying till the last minute, we can rush the purchase decision and ultimately fall into that old ‘it’s the thought that counts’ least you got something right?

In the pursuit of creating even happier gift recipients, I’ve pulled together what I believe to be the top three tips you need to remember when gift giving. It doesn't have to be a daunting or chore like experience and if you're going to do it, do it right!


Tackling the most obvious tip first - gift with intent and really think carefully about who you are buying for.  It's not just about the thought counting - we can do better.  Take the time to think about why you are wanting to give a gift, don't just do it.  You want your appreciation/love/thanks to be reflected in the gift so ask yourself, what are the recipients passions, interests, personality traits?  What do they enjoy doing in the weekends, have they taken up a new sport/hobby/moved house or flat/started a new job - what do you think they would be happy to receive?  


This is a no brainer and you don't have to go over the top to make a gift look to good to want to open.  Simple kraft paper or a white tissue wrap will always be better than no wrapping.  Take advantage of free gift wrapping services in shops if you have too. Unwrapping a gift comes with all sorts of joy/anticipation and mystery - if you just hand an unwrapped item to someone it screams 'after thought/couldn't be bothered'.  Adding a simple ribbon or some other embellishment will always make a gift pop and is like the icing on the cake - a chance to add some glitz/glamour and shouts to the recipient 'I really care and put thought into this'.



This is a biggie and ties nicely into tip #1 - make sure your gift is age and situation appropriate.  Remember - personal gifts like lingerie should only be given to women by their husbands/partners, same goes with boxers for blokes, leave that to the wife/girlfriend/partner.  If buying for children perhaps check with the parents first what might be best and don't be offended if they say a particular gift ideas is not to their liking - it could be too noisy or have lots of small bits that could go up noses!  It's ok to also think in terms of time as well as monetary value - giving the gift of a babysitter for a few nights to a busy couple with young kids may be more appreciated than another item for their home they don't need.  A cleaner or meals delivered is also a great gift alternative to wraps and nappies for new parents - these types of gifts really show your thoughtfulness. Lastly, don't overspend so much that you embarrass the recipient - you don't want to make someone feel uncomfortable especially if they are struggling financially.  

As a final thought - gift giving is not a competition - you should only be giving a gift because you want to treat/spoil someone, not because you expect something in return. Hopefully you find these tips useful on your next gift buying endeavour. 

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