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Who are we?

I said good-bye to the corporate world of 9-5 recently to be able to focus on building my own business and be home more for my family - marketing and content development is my passion and I'm quickly learning that when it's all for your own business, you are your own worse critic...I think I need to lighten up a bit!

Gratitude is a culmination of many of my own personal values but is also an inspirational platform to help others find how they want to express their own Gratitude to the people who have made a difference or meant something in their lives...if that special someone happens to be yourself from time to time we applaud you!

So if you're time poor and maybe 'gift buying' challenged and need to express your thanks/love/congratulations to that special loved one or significant other…we’re your new BFF. If you need to wow your colleagues or clients - look no further, we’ll take the pain away and make you shine.  As we could all do with a bit more Gratitude in our lives, here at HQ we are only too happy to help others find it, say it, show it.

Remember...throw kindness around like it’s confetti…#givesomegratitude