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Being grateful and showing appreciation towards others for the support, love, help and generosity they show you, is one of the driving forces behind why we created 'Gratitude'.  Living a more grateful and thankful life can go a long way to improving your own personal well being...join us in helping to spread more kindness and gratefulness.

Each month we look forward to selecting and surprising one lucky nominated recipient with a gift box to the value of $50.  A gift that in a small way, shows that person their contribution mattered, they made an impact on someone's life and it's their turn to be appreciated.

Simply complete the entry form below, if you and your story is selected, we'll be in touch with you to arrange the delivery and personal thank you message to be included with the gift.

If you have any questions please send an email to:


Name of person you would like to nominate *
Name of person you would like to nominate
Please share what this person did, the impact it had on you and how it made you feel.
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Your name*

Terms & Conditions

1. Delivery of free gift is to an NZ address only.

2. By submitting someone & then being the lucky selected winner,  you permit Gratitude to promote the story via social media, online and other forms of PR should the opportunity arise.  

3. The value of the free gift is up to $50 and is of our choosing. If you would like to send a gift valued at more than $50, you can select the products you’d like included and we will invoice you for the additional cost.