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Come and meet Rachel from Hello Melba - she loves female comedians, video games and taking a break from her office in the city (Christchurch) to walk around and appreciate what's going on around her.  How she came to name her business is such a sweet story and when I read it, it really made me think of my Gran and what qualities/skills I might have picked up from her...thanks Rachel for sharing more about you and your awesome business.


Why doing what you do/motivation to start your business?

As well as running my Hello Melba, I help my husband run our branding (graphic design) business, ThompsonCo. (hence the great branding of Hello Melba - thanks husband!). I still needed to have a creative outlet in my life and felt the desire to make things.  After my nieces and nephews were born I realised how much I LOVE kids stuff, its been a wee bit of a journey getting to here (and I still have a long way to go) but basically loving being my own boss and the joy of creating things is what got me to here.

How did you decide on your brand/business name, and is there any specific meaning behind it?  

My grandmother's name was Melba, she sadly passed away when I was young but she was a very crafty, creative lady who had a lot of the same passions I do.  I would love to be able to go and say 'Hello' to her and show her everything I've been working on!  It's special to me to include her in my business even though she's not here to share it with.

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Biggest lesson you’ve learnt in business?

I don't think there's one specific lesson I could pinpoint to be honest, its been a long journey of lots of lessons learnt - small and large.  I think the biggest lesson might be that the learning is never over and there's always more to learn.

Got a tip for the best way to use/consume your product?

My Mother's butter is one of my (and my customers!) favourite products, its so versatile!  It's super gentle and contains no fragrances or nasty preservatives but it has a beautiful coconut scent from the certified organic coconut oil. It's not just for Mums and works really well for babies (or anyone) with dry skin/rashes.  It's gentle enough to use on the face so if baby gets a wee rash from being wiped after eating, this is perfect for that. I personally use it when I get itchy skin, its a lifesaver.  Any product with multiple uses is a win for me.

What are some small things that make your day?

I've recently start working in a co-working space in the city (here in Christchurch). I love getting the chance to get out of the office and walk around (getting a coffee or bite to eat) there's so much happening and new things being built, its a really exciting time to be part of.

What takes up too much of your time?

While I often feel like there aren't enough hours in a day I never really feel like any one thing takes too much of my time. I try not to stress or worry about things if something takes a lot of time, i still have peace about it and know that there are things that just take a bit of extra time than others!


Favourite thing to do to relax/unwind?

I love a good blob out - ether a movie, netflix binge or video game session (call of duty on the ps4?) Always with snacks of course :)

What are you most grateful and thankful for in your life?

I have so much to be thankful for in my life but I have to say God/my faith because I wouldn't have anything without Him.

What TV show has you hooked at the moment?

I have binged the heck out of so many good shows and I don't currently have anything majorly gripping but some of my favourite binge worthy shows would be Mad Men, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place and of course Stranger Things.

If you could invite three famous people for cocktails and canapes - who would they be?

Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler - three of my favourite funny ladies, basically I just think it would be a hilarious good time.



We have Hello Melba's Mothers Butter and Sleep Sweetly Massage Oil in our Baby on Board Gift Box, you can check it out here for just $75.  We will also have the gorgeous Goats Milk soap bar available in our range so look out for that soon.

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