A New Chapter.

Hello Everyone!

Here we are, a few days into the ownership of Gratitude. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, culminating in the offical ownership of Gratitude. Becky has made the purchase and transition a breeze - for which we are truly grateful! Thank you Becky!

The stock, wrapping, ribbons and other business items arrived safely mid-week, and were unpacked into the early hours of the morning to ensure we could service the orders with as little ‘down-time’ as possible. We’re all set up and organised, and enjoying the amazing scent from some of the products within the office and packaging rooms!

Hello! We’re Katie, Jofus & Darron!

Hello! We’re Katie, Jofus & Darron!

So who are we?

We’re. family of three living in Hawkes Bay, originally from Britain. We have been in this glorious country, that we feel blessed to call our home for nearly five years, moving a few years ago to Hawkes Bay to enjoy the glorious sunshine!!

Darron, the methodical one, is a fitness fanatic. Known as the running man locally as he runs daily from Hastings to Havelock and back, no matter who I speak to, they know of him and have seen him running. In fact, there are many who determine whether their on time by where they are in relation to where he is on his run!!

My name is Katie. I am the creative one, a designer by training, I have a love of colour and pattern. I am also something of a chatterbox! I have crazy curly hair, that only recently I am embracing, and living my Kim Wilde years some 30+ years too late. Better late than never!!

Joseph, known as Jofus is our little boy, currently four years of age. He is a mischievous, entertaining and delight to share our lives with! He has the most amazing afro which is commented on wherever we go!

The three of us are complimented by Moses, our cat, and four Jemima Puddleduck Peking ducks, which keep us topped up with beautiful eggs.

We are so excited to include Gratitude in our family, and to meet and get to know you all. We have been amazed by the well wishes from your all - thank you for your encouragement, well wishes and generosity. It means a great deal to us!

We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all.

Big Hugs, Darron, Katie & Jofus x

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